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What: Haircutting Party!!!

When: NOVEMBER 3, 2007 12-8 PM EST

Where: Lena, IL USA (~2 hours West of Chicago)

Who: Members of CrewCut and Friends

How Much: $10 in person (for the host)

Live Webcast: (barring no technical difficulties) Free for all CrewCut Members Go There!

Advanced registration is required (do NOT register if you are not attending in person):


Wyatt will be serving lunch at 12 Noon, there will be a "before" group photograph of everyone at 2 PM sharp.  Haircutting starts no later than 2:30.  Bring your clippers (and razors) if you want to get in on the action.

Remember, if you walk in the door you will leave with a fresh haircut.

The past parties were great fun and we expect this one to be a blast as well, but it takes members attending to make it a truly great party!

Anyone for Haircut Roulette?

Wyatt has a core group of CrewCut guys who want to come together for a haircut party, so we're inviting you all to join us in the fun.  If you want Wyatt or a barber of your choosing to trim, buzz, shave or clip that mop please join us!

This will be a "G" rated party, haircutting extracurricular activities and no shaving below the neckline.


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