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Use your CrewCut_SWPC02 (email and password) to login for the first time or click on Create a Login if you do not have a CrewCut_SWPC02.  Follow the on-screen instructions.  If you have problems click on HELP above for further instructions or use the Contact Us button within the Community.

There are multiple ways to search for images, profiles, barbershops or discussions.

Click on Button_MainMenu and scroll to the bottom to find the 15 Newest Articles as well as the most recent Board posts and Hot Topics on the Boards.  You will automatically arrive at this page whenever you login.  New Issues of CrewCut will also appear here for about 30 days.  Click on any image within the Issue to go to the article for that image.

Find the most recent New Images:
     Click on Button_Galleries and then Button_Recent.
You can then use the Numbers 1 2 3... or the Next/Previous Button to view all the most recent images.  Click on any small image to view it at full-size.  Under the full-size image you will find the Member Name, Gallery Name, or Article Name. You can click on any of these to view more images from the Member or within the Article.

Find New Images by a Community Partner (HoW, JOC, Kent, Clippercut, etc.):
     Click on Button_Galleries and then the name of the Community you want to view (first column).
You will see all of the images published by each Community Partner.  These are NOT in date order from newest to oldest. If you viewed an image in their community back in 2001, but they recently loaded it into the New CrewCut it will appear here as it is loaded, not by date originally published.  Once all the Partner's archives are loaded you will see their new items appear here as the most recent.

Find all the Articles by a Community Partner (JOC, Kent, Clippercut, How):
     Click on Button_Issues and then click on the Tab labeled Article Archive.
     From the drop down boxes, choose "Titles Ascending or Descending" and the Community you
     wish to view (Clipper Cut, Crewbuzz, Deerfield Buzz, House of Wyatt, Jarhead Officers Club,
     Jarhead Video, Kent's Shortcuts or Trim Ups.) Then click on Button_Go.

Find all the Articles featuring your favorite customer in the chair:
     Click on Button_SiteDiv_Search and type in the name of the customer.
This search engine requires 4 or more characters in the name.  So if you are looking for Rob, search for Robert, Jon=Jonathan, etc. You can also use this to search for items from the Clipboard.

This does NOT search profiles or gallery images...choose Button_Galleries or Button_Profiles instead..

More How-To Tips and Instructions Coming Soon!


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