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Passcodes Help Document
Until everything is migrated into the New Community, you may be asked to login multiple times in the same day.

Dear CrewCut Community Member,

This document is here to help you solve your problems accessing CrewCut. Read it carefully! Unless there is an outtage notice on the What's New page, all areas of CrewCut are currently up and functioning properly.  The following are possible reasons you are not able to access the site:

  1. Access to CrewCut is controlled with PassCodes. When you joined YOU GAVE US an email address. The email address you used to join is your username. You chose your own password in the STORE.  If you do not remember your password you can CLICK HERE to reset it or request a new one (you may also use the link to see what accounts you have and synch up all your passwords).
  2. Before you contact us, be sure you have tried the following:
    1. You should check the inbox of the email address YOU GAVE US to check for a receipt.  If you do not find a receipt, go to STORE, click on MY ACCOUNT and login to see if you have indeed purchased a membership.  Sometimes you may still have to choose CHECKOUT to complete your purchase.
    2. Make sure it is the same email account you are trying to login with as your username!
    3. If your inbox is full or your email is broken then we cannot send you help to reset or request a new password.
    4. If you or your internet provider is filtering or denying delivery of our email to you then we cannot send you the information to reset/request a new password! Check your BULK/JUNK/SPAM email folder for an email from ShareWeb.
  3. The first time you log into CrewCut, you will be asked to create a profile.  You must have a profile in order to use CrewCut.  Just follow the simple instructions on the screen.
  4. After you log into CrewCut for the first time you will be able to choose a username/login. After you do this you can log in with EITHER your email address or your username.
  5. What kind of Membership do you have?
    1. A Classic Membership is one where your credit card is NOT rebilled after your membership time expires (you never need to cancel a Classic Membership as it never rebills your credit card).
    2. A Recurring Membership means your credit card will be charged every time your membership runs out until you choose to cancel it. If you have a RECURRING membership you may cancel your membership at any time by clicking on Button_Store MY ACCOUNT and then the link for VIEW/CANCEL RECURRING ORDERS.
    3. Contributing (not the same as using the Button_MyGalleries button) earns you the same Access as purchasing a membership.  They are all considered Premium Membership.
  6. Has your membership expired?
    1. Unless you have a Lifetime Membership, your access will eventually expire.
    2. Click on Button_MyAccount to view your membership information if you have any questions about when your Premium Membership ends or what kind of membership you have on your account.
    3. If the email YOU GAVE US is working properly you will also receive an email from us approximately 1 week before your Premium Membership expires as a reminder to you.
  7. Still can not get in?
    1. We do everything in our power to make CrewCut easily accessible to our members.
    2. If you have tried all of the above and are still having trouble, please click here to send us information about your problem.  Be sure to include as much information as you can, for example what you have done to resolve the problem or what error you are receiving.
  8. If you do NOT get an email response then most likely we are unable to send to the email address you have given us!!!
    1. We return all email about service related issues within a few days!
    2. If you do not receive a reply, this is usually due to:
      1. YAHOO, AOL or another service provider's filtering of YOUR email
      2. Over quota mailboxes
      3. Misspellings in the email address YOU GAVE US
    3. If this happens, fix your email account and try again.
    4. You also might try checking with your Internet Service Provider.
  9. The ShareWeb PassCode Help page may also help you. Click Here.

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