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The Latest Buzz:

  • Word is out! is going through a major metamorphosis starting this weekend. Let CrewBuzz know what you think about the new navigation, new layout and new imagery!
  • The JOC is making some minor adjustments as well. Waiting for a huge cover image to download has been scrapped.  You'll go directly to the "Inspection" area where all the new haircuts are posted.
  • The HOW/JOC Spring Party is just around the corner.  Mark your calendar for May 17, 2003 and plan to be in the Chicago/Lena, IL area.  More details coming soon.
  • Check in every Friday morning to see the latest haircutting news on CrewCut!

NEW haircuts on CrewCut:

.Let the imagery on CrewBuzz help you choose the best haircut for your head and hair type..

Celebrity haircuts:

17 fresh cuts on new members (91 images)

Before & After Shots:

Zack & Matthew


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