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06Mark_110Challenge # 1
Attend the HoW/JOC Clipper Party, November 3, 2007! Men who attend the party receive a FREE Lifetime Premium Membership and one lucky person will walk away with $50 in Cash!.  These parties are a lot of fun so plan on attending, receive a great haircut, meet other members and earn your Premium Membership.  Click here for more Party Info and to Register.

Challenge #2
Enter the JOC High 'n' Tight Contest.  Entries will be judged by the membership and winners receive cash, DVD's and Membership time on CrewCut.Com. Simply create a profile, fill out your basic information in your profile and then use the Button_Contribute03 button to upload your entries.  Make sure to read the rules first so you are sure your entry will be eligible. Do it now, Recruit!

Challenge #3
Members who upload approved images in their personal gallery receive daily usage limits for FREE!  Read the Contribution Acceptance Agreement closely...they must be images either of you or taken by you. Once their accepted you'll be able to view a number of Profiles and Gallery Images daily.
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