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Click below for detailed descriptions of the haircuts in the Virtual Barbershop:

  • Chair #1: Induction Cut
    22 inches to shaved smooth.
  • Chair #2: High and Tight Flattop
    Tightened up, sides razor shaved.
  • Chair #3: Ranger Rick's High 'n' Tight As cut by Brian Doolittle (Quicktime)
  • Chair #4: JHV Video Clips! View the movie clips that helped launch the JOC, circa 1998.

Click on the Image to View the Haircuts already in progress. When the scene ends it loops back to the beginning.

Send in a haircut / head shaving video to The J.O.C!

Send (any format) to:

The Jarhead Officer's Club
PO Box 703
Bloomington, IN 47402 USA

If we show your video to the club, you get Permanent Major Status.

Videos sent in will be put into electronic format for presentation to the club over the web. Video contributors will recieve the club's sincerest thanks and a lifetime contributing member access to The JOC.

Contact for more info.

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