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FTJOC's Shave and a Haircut

The video is about 25 minutes long and loops back to the beginning after playing through the entire scene.

 FTJOC doesn't like cutting his own hair, but "...if you want it like you like it, sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself..."

Click here to watch FTJOC's Shave and Haircut already in progress.

Shave and a Haircut! .........................For Free!

"Sometimes the right barber  just isn't available.", states FTJOC, our second self-haircut in a row in The Barbershop. "If you want to keep a cut like a shaved high and tight flat top 'fit for inspection', sometimes you have to do it yourself...  ... it's possible to cut even the most difficult cuts yourself, but there are a few tricks..." FTJOC demostrates this idea in his latest barbershop contribution. Using a Oster cordless FreeStyle clipper and Mach 3 razor FTJOC gets rid of that extra growth!

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