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Hair Modeling

We are always  looking for men who want to model their hair for the website. CREW is  proud to have clients who have been recruited to model their hair professionally.  Remember, they were discovered on our website.

Anyone who is  interested in modeling their hair for the website can submit their written request with a current photo via email or postal. Photos will not be returned.  Those selected will be contacted.  Due to the large number of submissions received,  replies can take up to a week or more.

While we have no specific criteria in our selection of hair models, CREW generally looks for:
males ranging from 18 to 45 in age
   males with any length of hair -  super short to super long
   males without thinning hair, receding hairlines, or balding
If you’re unsure, submit your picture for consideration, as exceptions are made!

all hair models  receive:
  **complimentary website membership
  complete hair shampoo, scalp massage using a scalp invigorator
  hair conditioning and rinsing
  various  different hairstyles to model
  complete photo and video shoot of your haircut
  choice of complimentary American Crew Hair Products
  choice of CREW video or DVD
  monetary compensation if photos or videos are commercially published

Those who get haircuts from Crew or choose to model their hair for the website
receive a complimentary membership.  Clients who do not use their access privileges, may choose to give their membership as a gift to anyone.  In addition,  those who refer clients to Crew are also entitled to a complimentary membership.

I want to model my hair for the website