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About Us

Crew fully recognizes the growing number of men that are concerned with their hair and the way it is cut and styled.  They are searching for the distinctively male haircuts as they want to look their very best.

For decades, men have gone to salons and quick clip shops, only to find out the haircut they wanted wasn't what they got.  The growing frustration of trying to explain how they want their haircut to look seems to never end.  Crew has created an online version of the book most men flip through while waiting to get their haircut.  Yet our site is unique.  Our photos show the entire haircut, before, during, and after.  We even have online videos to show other
barbers the techniques used to achieve the haircut desired.

Crew has been  cutting men's hair for over 10 years.  With a passionate  commitment to crafting the perfect haircut, our purpose is to provide  men with an alternative to the everyday "model" book you find in salons or quick-clip shops.  With the growing number of changing hairstyles, it has become next to impossible for men to walk into a shop and get their haircut the way they want it cut.  Here at Crew, we provide men not only with a great experience but more importantly the haircutthat they want.  Crew is  always adding new styles to the galleries and our hope is that men all over the world can finally get the haircut they want and incorporate the hair styles at Crew into their everyday lives.

If you live in Texas, and are in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, you can schedule a haircut with Crew.  In addition, if you are ever in the area, please feel free to contact us about scheduling an appointment.

Awards and Recognitions

2003 2nd Place - Best High and Tight - Jarhead Officers Club
2002 Best High and Tight - Jarhead Officers Club
2002 Top 100 Hottest Sites on the Web
2001 3rd Place - Best High and Tight - Jarhead Officers Club
2001 Webby Awards Semi-Finalist
2000 Best High and Tight - Jarhead Officers Club
2000 Top 50 Hottest New Websites - May 2000

CREW  is proud to have two clients which are now professional hair models who were discovered on our website!  These two have modeled in New York, Los  Angeles, and London.


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Fort Worth, Texas