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About Barber Kent

How I Got Started

As a hobby, I began cutting hair at my shop in the kitchen of my home in southern Indiana in 1990 on a step stool with one clipper, a part of a sheet for a cape, a hand mirror, and one or two customers a month. The first 3 years only saw a total of 43 customers. Now, I have a real barber chair, 8 clippers, 3 capes, a large mirror mounted on the wall, various other equipment and over 100 customers a month. The only thing that has not changed is that it's still the kitchen!

The hobby has taken on a life of its own!

Some tools of my trade.

I have an eleven-year old dog named Kc.  She is a black lab-retriever mix.

My hobbies include playing classical music on my church's grand piano and byke ryding. Most days, I ryde 10 to15 miles but on Fridays and Saturdays ryde more.  So far in 2009, less than 300 miles have been accumulated because of the rainy, cold weather.

The piano is a Yamaha Baby Grande.

The byke is a 1981 Nishiki with over 60,000 miles.

Barber Kent's Definition of Haircut Terms
Because haircut terms vary from area to area, barber to barber, here are a few of my definitions:
Burr - #3 (3/8 inch) to #2 (1/4 inch).
Buzz - #1.5 (3/16 inch) to #.5 (1/16 inch).
Clipper Shaved (CS) - clipper with no guard (000 to 00000)
Crewcut - rounded with the hair spiked or standing and at least #4 (1/2 inch) or longer.
Shaved (RS) - lathered and shaved with safety or straight razor.

E-mail Barber Kent if you would like to be notified of updates, have trouble navigating the site, want to make a comment,  or have any questions.

Thanks to my customers for giving  permission to use their pictures and you viewers for your patronage and encouraging comments.

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